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Hey there,
Welcome to the channel. My name is Coco, little bit about me is im 25. Mainly play fps games or battle royals (shocker right?). Recently became apart of the TeamDyre Organization! I am now the Co-Lead for the stream team. Please feel free to ask about the org! We are a tight nit family, who all support each other fully. If you have interest in joining as a streamer please dm me :). most of all if you enjoy the content smash that follow button for me! Here are some commands for the channel: !realmstat
About Team Dyre
What is TeamDyre you might be asking yourself? Well Let me tell you. TeamDrye is a family. We are an organization that believes in growing together and being the best people we can! I am Co-Lead For the stream team, and let me tell you the stream team is SOLID!!! We as a whole work as a well oiled machine. If you would like to know anymore please feel free to ask. If you would like an opportunity to join up please ask away!!
My Stream Schedule
Monday: 6:00PM Est- 10:00PM Est
Tueseday: 6:00PM Est- 10:00PM Est
Wednesday: Off (possible pop up stream)
Thursday: 6:00PM Est- 10:00PM Est
Friday: Off (possible pop up stream)
Saturday: No Set Time
Sunday: No Set Time
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