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Tech Stuff
Instructions and discussions on how to avoid losing your crypto.

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Sea of Thieves - Underwater Realms
* Shrine of Ocean's Fortune - Wooden Door w/ Hole / Masts
* Treasury of Lost Ancients - Double Doorway
* Shrine of Tribute - Stairwell
* Shrine of Flooded Embrace - Open Doorway / Upside Down Ship
* Shrine of the Coral Tomb - Door / Slide
* Treasury of Sunken Shores - 3 Doors
* Treasury of the Secret Wilds - 2 Doors
* Shrine of Ancient Tears -
* Shrine of Hungering - Statues
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Crypto Investments
Here are some crypto investments that I have found and have invested in.

JustSwap - LP Pools

SUN - Farm

BTTC - BTT Staking
Crypto Tips: Guidelines for Safe Crypto Sites
Never Set Your Wallet For Auto-Confirmation!
* Always review the wallet transaction information before accepting the transaction.
- Malicious sites will claim to deposit in your wallet and actually withdraw from your wallet.

Most Sites Will Ask For:
* Wallet address
* Have you setup a password for the app site.

Avoid Sites That:
* Want more than just your wallet address.
- Good sites will NOT ask for your private key, wallet password or other info to your wallet.
Crypto Tips: Tokens to Avoid in TronLink Wallet
The following tokens in TronLink Wallet should be avoided:

* TLS [ID: 1003900] - The site claims to give you TLS when it will drain your account of most of your TRX and possibly all other tokens.

* BAL [ID: 1003654] - The site asks for your Private Wallet information! NEVER put this into any exchange website!

* SHIB [ID: 1004085] - Unclear if this token is linked to the ShibaInu in the ERC20 blockchain.

* AMT (Amazon) [ID: 1004252] - Does not appear to be linked to the real . The roadmap shows exchanges that the token should be on, but the token is not there.

* BIS [ID: 1004083] - No official website

* NFTP [ID: 1004313] - No official website

* RoLex [ID: 1004324] - No official website

* XNFT [ID: 1004180] - No official website
Crypto Tips: Add tokens to JustSwap
Tron Dash token [red Dash]

Tron CreateDream token [LBOO]

Tron TDDFRM token [TDDFRM]

Tron US Dollar Tethered token [USDT]

Dash token (blue Dash) [DASH]

AppleProtocolToken token [AAPL]

Folio Apple token [FAAPL]

MSN token [MSN]

LTC token [LTC]

BEER token [BEER]

CompTechToken20 token [CTT20]



APENFT token [NFT]

Elon Musk token [ELON MUSK]
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