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Who am I you ask? Well I am Reboot, and the cat on my shoulder is Izanagi!
I am a variety streamers that plays a whole lot of different games. I do play a lot of RPG's and similar games, as those are my favorites.

No matter what I play, we hope you enjoy your time here!

Feel free to join the Discord and follow on Twitter as well as LBRY:

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We're a young yet rapidly growing community of active live streamers, content creators and viewers who support one another, help each other grow and improve.

We have a very social and friendly atmosphere where you can find people to play games with, chat or simply share memes.

Please feel free to join us:

As a part of the cult you will never run out of great content, as we are many streamers who all stream different games!
- NO BACKSEAT GAMING or spoilers, advice and discussions about my play-style are fine but do not try to steer how I play the game.
- No Racism or harassment of any kind allowed.
- Be civil, while I accept jokes and humor about almost anything, if someone gets offended we stop and say sorry ok? :D
- No self promotion
- No begging or spam. I will open the chest unannounced and randomly
- Have fun! :D
Tip Events:
- Lemon: You get my heartfelt thank you!

- Icecream: You get to aske up to three AIQ's! Also known as Icy Questions!

- Diamonds: A random Diamond Rule will be activated, for 10 - 60 minutes! Every time Reboot fails to follow the rule, 10 Linos will be added to the chest.

- Ninjaghini: Two Diamond rules will be activated at once!

- Ninjet: You create a new Diamond rule that will be in effect for the rest of the stream! You will also have your rule added to the list of rules, so that it can be drawn in future streams as well!
!storyrecap - You will get an invite to my Discord, and end up directly in the storyrecap channel :D. Here you can check how far we got into the game in the previous stream.

!twitter - wanna follow me on twitter? Then this is the command to put in chat :D

!website - Posts the link to the Cults official website!

!streamteam - Posts a link to our DLive Stream Team

!uptime - Post the current streams uptime

!schedule - Posts link to my schedule!

!storyrecap - Gives you a link to my storyrecap discord channel!
Games Finished On Stream:
Crash Bandicoot - 2019
Ogre Battle: Limited Edition (PSX) - May 29 2019
Bloodstained: Ritual Of The Night - July 10 2019
Golden Axe - July 14 2019
Golden Axe II - July 14 2019

Reboot And Mini:
Final Fantasy VI - July 23 2019