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I am a 41 year old single mom in technology and gaming. Computers since 1994 and gaming since 1999/2000. Degree in technology. I am a variety gamer and streamer. I remember playing on Atari Games, first Nintendo had the Meteoroid Game beat on Game Boy. I do work in real life have good credit, car, and living comfortably. I do travel places Yellowstone, Colorado, been to places for business and leisure.

I like doing graphics and streaming work as a hobby DM if you are interested. My work is also copyrighted and trademarked and and yes I did pay to have it.
Goals I have for my stream to one to obtain !! #SelfInvest

☼Dlive Affiliate
☼Trovo Affiliate

☼ 1000 Subs twitch
Date Obtained TBD

~ Achievements ~

☼ To obtain this for my speakers
external sound card
Self-Invested - Nov 3, 2019

☼ Green Screen
Self Invested - Date Obtained Sunday Aug 4, 2019

☼ Face Cam
Self Invested - Date Obtained Sunday Aug 4, 2019

YouTube 1000 Subs - 2021