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Welcome to my stream ladies and gents, I run by the name of ConnerDose. I am a U.S veteran(USMC) wanting to get a head start on showing off what I got and trying my best at it always. Top Games at the moment are PUBG and COD Modern Warfare.
I've been playing games since when I was a little nut with tons of energy starting at the age of 2. Throughout growing up I would always dream of becoming an Entertainer.

Starting with someone commentting in my stream I already fall in love with what the future holds. I enjoy meeting new people, as well as changing lives is what matters to me the most.

I love to chat with my viewers so don't ever feel like you will distract me during an intense moment because I'm pretty sure I can handle that.

My goal for you guys and girls is to enjoy the stream as much as I love to stream. Feel free to ask me anything and to try out new games for you guys because that's one of my main duties as a streamer.

My favorite games to play is obviously PUBG, FPS, some open world games, and etc. I hope to see ya'll stop by and say hi.
Monday: 5pm - 10pm
Tuesday: 4pm - 10pm
Wednesday: 4pm - 10pm
Thursday: 5pm - 10pm
Friday: 4pm - 12am+
Saturday/Sunday: Varies

All times are set to (CST)
No Racist, Sexist, Hate Speech, Or Any Other Offensive Speech Will Be Tolerated

Do Not Argue With The Mods, Including The Bots As They Know The Rules Of The Channel

Respect The Streamer, The Moderators & Others

No Excessive Vulgar Language

Do Not Ask To Become A Mod

Do Not Self Promote And/Or Ask For A Shoutout

1ST Offense - Verbal Warning

2ND Offense - Banned Until Next Stream

3RD Offense - Permanent Ban
This Channel would not survive without your support!

If you are enjoying the content that I provide on the daily, feel free to donate.

I never expect it, but always appreciated!

Note: All donations will be going to advancing the stream setup and our Competitive Team Pot For more Merch and giveaways.
This is what I currently stream with, I'm in the process for getting some discount codes for some of the items listing below that I earn a small commission for. A discount code will be presented at the end of each item link. This means the process is complete active and ready for ya'll you use. Any questions please ask.

ABS Summoner Desktop PC:

LG Gaming Monitor:

Dell Editing Monitor:

Xbox One X:

Reversible Desk Workstation:

Astro Gaming Mixamp:

HyperCloud Gaming Headset:

Avermedia Capture Card:

Adata SSD:

Fifine Microphone:

2 Anivia Webcams:

Logitech Desk Mount Webcam:

Standard Xbox One Controller:

(Mixer Only)
Wanna get fast answers with shortcuts, well I created some customs words that will give you answers to the most commonly ask questions on stream.

!uptime - How long I been streaming for.

!followage - Lets the streamer know how long you been following.

!lurk - Lets the streamer know whos tuning in without a notice.

!stream - Gives the stream title, what the streamer is playing, amount of viewers.

!settings - What I'm running for my persoanl settings.