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Hey there my name is Nate and yup I'm an old dude playing games. I have gamed for years and since covid my business was shut down for 5 months and still only half open, so I decided I should give streaming a try. why not I'm not the very best but I can hang. I like to have fun and joke around. I play games like CS-GO, Modern warfare, 7days to Die, Minecraft,Apex, Hunt:Showdown, Elder Scrolls, Deadside, of course Rocket League fairly new to it and much more. one of the questions I get asked the most why is your name Crapstar or dR Cr4pstar. well today the dR stands for dudeRight not doctor dudeRight started by myself, my wife Inv3ntori, and my hetero life partner TheManomalZoo. Just a fun trio with a rotation of special guest that hang with us from time to time. back to the name, years ago when I played Counter strike ...and I'm talking 2001 ish I played it for the first time and I really didn't know what to use as a username. I was a noob and I wanted to somehow express that for my first games so I used the name lie that was my first username. As i started to get better I joined a clan to compete in CAL games and decided it was time to change the name However I didn't become that much better hence the name Crapst*r...why use the 4 you say well apparently crap is just to profane for some game accounts... some people say crapstar some say cripster or crapster but it's not Dr Crapstar....I mean no disrespect of course lol i cosider myself more of an Esq ha ha
dudeRight is a crew of misfits that enjoys gaming and each other's company, most of the time...

dudeRight Stream Schedule:
Friday - 8pm to burnout
Saturday - 8pm to burnout
Crew Members:
Cr4pstar (the loud one, pref. pronoun = HE)
inv3ntori (the looter, pref. pronoun = SHE)
theManomalZoo (the rage-quitter, pref. pronoun = IT)
NZXT Streaming PC
AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 8-Core 3.6GHz
Graphics: GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2070 Super WINDFORCE OC 3X 8G
RAM: Team T-FORCE Vulcan Z 32GB (4x 8GB) 3200MHz
Storage: Intel 660p 1.0 TB
Display: Sceptre C325B-185RD Curved 32-inch Gaming Monitor up to 185Hz 165Hz 144Hz
Second Display some janky old 32 in TV I bought at Walmart during a Black Friday sale in 2014...due for an upgrade ha ha
Audio : Zoom H5 with a Zingyou Micand boom arm
Green screen: is a collapsible photography reflector I painted green
My Chair: I got at Staples during their pandemic chair event. COVID Free
Desk: Black Lifetime Folding table marked down 15% from BJ's Wholesale club does the job holds all my shit.
Headset: Artic 5 pub g edition
Ok so I put this here because why not right..if you are having fun and I'm having fun let keep this Crappy fun ride going. So anything you Tip goes right back into the stream could be more BudLight could be a new game, but mostly it will go towards Rocket league lessons Tip Here