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I've been seeking the truth for over 20 years now. I've researched many topics including: What God is and what God isn't, 9/11, Mandella Effect, Flat Earth, NWO, NASA, Space, Symbolism, Occult Societies, Chemtrails, GMOs, and even the "Plandemic"

One must seek the truth, in order to find the truth, and the truth shall surely set you free! I'm a living testament to this. What it feels like is a huge weight lifted from your shoulders. Because once you know the truth, the lies that you thought were the truth, start to leave your thoughts all together. One thing that absolutely helps is discernment. You can gain discernment by getting closer to the creator. Discernment allows you to see the lies and deceit much easier than without it. Never stop learning, didn't school teach you anything?

I've also been playing video games ever since I was old enough to hold a controller. It all began on an Atari, after that I played just about every console since. However, my true calling came when I was about 12 and started messing around with computers. I've been working on, repairing, building, and gaming on computers ever since.

Now I run a curator group on Steam called Games You Absolutely Must Have! We host game giveaways, create unbiased game reviews, and have various other forms of Gamertainment there.

If you would like to check out some of the great games we recommend, or other events we have going on, you may check out our Steam Group page here:

I enjoy quite an eclectic variety of things. If you follow this channel, you can expect for me to bring up and discuss such subjects as theses below:

❤️ God

❤️ Truth

❤️ Cryptocurrency

❤️ Conspiracies

❤️ World News

❤️ Exploration

❤️ Video Games

By no means is this all I will talk about on this channel, however these are the main topics I cover.

If you like what you see, hit that follow button and come hang out with us sometime.

See you here!

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I partake in many things in life, so I don't want this to seem like a 9-5 job or anything. But I do like to stream when I'm not doing other things. So if you're on and I'm streaming, come join us and have fun :)