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Hello! I'm Matt, also known as Crazyjin, i'm a 17 y/o streamer from Italy, i stream various games, action, driving, simulation, i appreciate every kind of support, even a single message in the chat means a lot to me. I WILL reply to every message in the chat, obviously, and will interact with you a little to enjoy the game more.

If you enjoy my livestreams, you can follow me, so you won't probably miss a single one (escpecially with the DLive app, now available on both iOS and Android), or maybe you can check out my other social medias, you won't regret it. I might not be the most interesting streamer on here but as long as we have fun together i'm happy, and i hope i can make you happy as well with what i enjoy doing.

My social medias are:

Twitter: (For live-streams alerts and other stuff)
IG: (For random pictures and some alerts)

My timetable is:
15:00-17:00/18:00 EST everyday unless problems come up (if they do you'll see it on Twitter)
and also, because who doesn't have empty days where you can't do much, there are lots and lots of extras, that can last around 1-2 hrs, and usually they're around 10:00-13:00 EST

I'm hoping to see you in a stream! <3