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Current Rotations:
Graphic Design Work - Let's Chat!

MMO: Monster Hunter World, Project Gorgon, CSC Space MMO

Strategy: Battletech, Kenshi

Adventure/FPS: Dauntless, Star Wars Battlefront II, Next Up Hero

Schedule: Currently trying to build a flow to see what times work best! Stop by any time.
Note: I keep myself about 95% PG, work safe, kid safe in most cases.

Please no:
Racial slurs or derogatory comments
Hate speech
Spamming chat

Please be mindful of what you say, you will be warned once, and after possible ban.
Best ways to find me:
Insta: .up
Cooking Insta: crumpcooks
Discord: FleeingMonkey
Steam: FleeingMonkey
Xbox: FleeingMonkey
PS4: FleeingMonkey

Shop Designs @ Red Bubble:
I run my own business and do Graphic Design, Animation, Video Production, and Post Production.

There will be times while working I will stream just to chat, or brainstorm. Feel free to join me!

Insta: pixelapemedia
Personal Linkedin:
Business Linkedin:

Shop Designs @ Red Bubble: