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MarketSpy Trading Suite - Most profitable trading indicator in the world.
Setting up and trading MarketSpy Signals for profit playlist: ...

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Cryptopocalypse Now Discord
Join the community. Friendly, smart, professional. Sections for MarketSpy, signals, profit wall, testimonials and speculation lounge to chat all things money.
The best exchnage to leverage-trade BTC - bar none.
Belive me when I tell you this - Bitmex, Deribit and others are not what you want if you're serious about earning as reliability and transparency is everything. Go with bybit and use my link, click on the image - best thing you can do for yourself.
Disclaimer and Risk Warning
Crypto Ranger is not a licensed financial advisor. You're solely responsible for your actions when trading, not me.

When engaging with these markets, you should have established clear goals, have your risk-management part of your trading strategy covered, know your risk appetite and consider your level of expertise. You cannot trade money you're not ready to lose - this is of utmost importance.

There's great exposure to risk at any given time using any of the exchanges not only limited to leverage: counter-party risk, extreme volatility (a blessing in disguise) and a general lack of clear regulations may affect the price of an asset quite significantly.

Any market movement will have an equally proportional effect on your trading portfolio as you're trading with leverage. This is a gift and a curse for traders from all walks of life. The possibility exists that you could sustain a total loss of initial margin funds and be required to deposit additional funds to maintain your position on Bybit or other margin-trading exchanges such as Bitmex. You are responsible for having enough margin in your account in order to not be liquidated!

This channel is simply market commentary that overlooks prices, market sentiment, news and other technical or fundamental analyses. Crypto Ranger's views expressed herein never were and never will be "financial advice" and should not be taken as such.
Cryptopocalypse Now is a fun and educational place for adults to learn and trade cryptocurrencies and is not liable for any financial losses that may be incurred during your time here. All information is provided for entertainment purposes and does not reflect Crypto Ranger's past or currently-employing firm's opinion or position on markets. Trade with awareness and may you always be in profit! Thank you for watching.