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🌸 Hi! I’m just a small town girl aspiring to be dead any time by 90.
I am currently in my last year of my AA, majoring in Social Work and minoring in American Sign Language.
I can also speak Spanish, due to the fact it is my first language 🌸
I've been asked SO many questions, but these are my MOST frequently asked and i hope they answer some of yours as well.

✨ How old are you?
I Am 19 years old.

✨What is your name?
Valeria, but most call me Val!

✨Where are you located?

✨What is your ethnicity?
Puerto Rican.

✨Why are you so nice all the time?
It's better to kill someone with kindness :)

✨When do you open the chest?
Every time I end the stream, or reach a goal.

✨What color is your hair?
Hot Pink.

✨Are you single?
Yes, but no.
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