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About CyborgJellyfish
Hey there! I'm from Wales, but I only speak English. My name is Mike. Or Cyborg. Or Jellyfish. Either works...

I'm just floating along the digital waves. II drift to my own streams from time to time (Soon™) but right now I have no schedule in place. The future is uncertain.

If you'd like to follow me, we'll find out where we are going together. If not, thank you for surfing through.

Additionally, you could join The Swarm of Subscribers. Together we grow. Forever we rise...


PS: Everything you see here is a work in progress. From the overlay, the logo, to these very panels. As such, I don't currently have any alerts in place. Donations are appreciated, but not expected, so please don't think they are being ignored. Thanks for understanding.
System Specs:
CPU: Ryzen 2700x
GPU: RTX 2060
RAM: 16Gb DDr4
My IQ: <-Error!->

Schedule: < None >
Mon - ???
Tues - ???
Wed - ???
Thur - ???
Fri - ???
Sat - ???
Sun - ???

Coming Soon™

Rules are a work in progress, but if you're reading the bio you already know what to expect. "Its just banter" is not gonna work. Generally speaking, if you're reading these panels you should know how to behave. But just to be sure, here's a few of the important ones:

- Be Excellent To Each Other
No matter how big your issue is with someone, take it out of stream. I don't care if someone made you step on a Lego or swore at your pet rock. No drama in chat. Especially to myself and the mods...

- No Spoilers!
I have been playing games since I was old enough to think. I might be doing everything wrong, but that's okay. PLEASE DO NOT talk about any story, unless I ask about it. I'm more likely to stop enjoying the game than to appreciate help. I'm stubborn, I'd rather be lost. ;-)

- English Only!
Its the only thing I understand. If you don't speak English that's fine. Just enjoy the stream.

- No Self Promotion
I don't care if its a "Follow for Follow" or "my friend went live" I don't need to know. Networking is about just chilling out and having fun. If you're around, I'll be interested in who you are. If you seem like a decent person, I'll check you out. But don't ask for me to follow you, don't tell me how close you are to your goal. I really think that attitude is rude.

Oh and finally...
Yes, we all know it exists. If it happens to open, feel free to help yourself. Please don't expect me to open it just because you ask me to. It is rude.