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Story Of My Life:

My name is Kevin Aka D4ZzLedPK, I'm currently 19 yo, turning 20 in September 30.

I live in Estonia.

I am mostly playing Fortnite when I stream, but I also play CS: GO, Rocket League with my mates <3

I am usually a shy guy, but whenever I feel comfortable with the people I am not that shy anymore.

I do like hanging out with my friends and joking around with my family.

As I said before the best game is Fortnite at the moment, but don't worry I keep trying out new games.

I am trying to become the best in Fortnite, grinding daily and I keep up with the editing, building when people find out new ways to build faster etc.

Basically, my story is short, I want to become a streamer and I want to make money from it because games are the best thing in my life and I think I am not the worst at gaming and can make my dream come true. <3

I love making Lyrics Videos, If you don't know who I am then you should check me out on YT - Lyrics Boss, currently at 120 subscribers If I am not wrong. I love editing videos, but I am not the best for sure. I need to practice more and keep going forward.

Of course, I don't always play games and don't go outside. I play basketball, football, volleyball and ride with my motorcycle, with my dad or alone <3

Will add more in the future, anyways Love You guys and please If you have a dream, keep going for it.

Thank you guys for reading the story of my life.