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>.o Just Dark Plz o.<
Whats Up Good People!

I am Dark Dragunn, just Dark please. I'm into way too many things right now. I like playing games with others becasue playing by yourself is boring.

So I play games that I like to play (MMO's, Survial Horror, Puzzles), but are open for suggestion. I can draw, however and when I feel like I may do as such.
I like making people laugh.

I have a thing for dragons (story time). Horror and all things ghostly is my soul. Live and breath it. Mystical beasts, dragons, zombies, unicorn and Pegasus. Yeah thats a thing.

I LOVE to rescue or help critters out in need. We have 2 dogs, 3/(4) cats and 2 turtle right now. There are some kids that live in here too.

Whatever music moves me is what I listen to. I'm loving cartoons right now. Far more advance than the ones I grew up watching; as funny as they where. I do enjoy me some anime.

I want to think you in advance for stopping by and look forward to seeing more of you in the future.

I'm really trying to step out of my comfort zone and break this depression.

stuff ...and more stuff
##Listen Chat Rules are super simple

*"Do un to others, as you would have them do un to you."*

And what that basically means is that if you don't want it said to you...

I have a bit of a potty mouth when I am really into a game so there is some color in this chat box >.o

Just respect each other and play nice. Cause after all, ... It's just a game.

*Oh! And no politics. I turned off FB for a reason. So don't bring that shit in here.*

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-There are a many of things this broke chick needs to better entertain you.
-I wouldn't mind getting a web cam at this point.
-Totally need a gamer chair for longer streams.
-Our over all goal is to be able to move out of this nasty tail apartment complex and into a house where we might have an office to ctfu!
Although not requiered, very much so appreciated.

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