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GPU: GTX1050 2GB
CPU: Ryzen 5 1400 4c 8t
Headset: Random Headset I bought for £13
Keyboard: ck61 60% outemu red switches
Mouse: Logitech G305
Monitor 1: Acer KG221Q 75hz
Monitor 2: Asus (not sure what model) 60hz
Age: 13
Name: Malachi
From: England

I am a small Very small streamer that plays with viewers. i am NOT toxic i am very friendly and will answer most of your questions in chat. Im very sorry if my stream is not watchable i am trying my hardest to get a better PC and setup every day. You can all me Dawn My real name is Malachi (MalaKai)
how i got my Game name
So i was in a clan
Called midnite and i was changing my name loads 1st it was midnite-Kai 2nd it was solar and 3rd it was DAWN i really liked DAWN because 1 it would make sense because my clan is called midnite and i have kept this name ever since.