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DJ Expo ’21: Headed to the Hard Rock
The people have spoken and we have listened – next year’s DJ Expo is returning to the Boardwalk and relocating to one of Atlantic City’s hottest properties.

The rumors are true – the 2021 DJ Expo will take place August 9-12 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Atlantic City.

Produced by DJ Times magazine since its 1990 inception, DJ Expo is the DJ industry’s longest-running, most-successful exhibition/trade show. Presenting its unique combo of tech-driven exhibits, educational seminars and sponsored events, DJ Expo is excited to inhabit a venue that boasts over 150,000 square feet of meeting and event space, not the mention the most modern amenities that any AC hotel/casino has to offer. All of this, of course, is set right on Atlantic City’s legendary Boardwalk.

Working with Hard Rock allows DJ Expo the unique ability to provide a special, music-driven experience that all show-goers will appreciate. This new and exciting synergy will benefit attendee and exhibitor alike.

Also of note: The property features the hotel-and-convention industry’s most up-to-date safety protocols, which include attention to disinfecting detail by the Hard Rock’s “Clean Team.” Accordingly, while restrictions will be hopefully removed or limited by August, DJ Expo ’21 will offer the safest possible environment as it re-invigorates an industry looking for a big bounce back.

To that end, DJ Expo has brought on an industry veteran with over 25 years of experience in large-scale trade shows and events – someone who has already completed site inspections and has met with AEX to ensure that we meet and exceed industry guidance and standards.

We’ll see all of you in 2021… Back at the Boardwalk!

Stay tuned for more info on DJ Expo 2021:
Contest Rules and Regulations
Here is the list of rules and regulations of all current and future contests on Awesome 80s. This list will be posted on twitch and also sent out to every potential winner during the verfication process.

All potential winners must have a valid twitch account in good standing.

All prizes on twitch will be run with Nightbot through a random number generator. One guess per person. If that person has multiple accounts signed into the chatroom then only one account can be used for the contest or promotion. Any other accounts used will nullify any contest winner and that person will be put on probation from winning any prize for 30 days(first offense) Banned(Second Offense).

To qualify in addition to being in the chatroom during the contest you must also be a follower of the Awesome80s Twitch page, Your account must match the account used in the chat room. If not you are disqualified.

You must be 18 or older to win and provide proof through signing an age verification form provided during the verification process.

All prizes are open to anyone across the world unless local laws dictate otherwise.

All winners must go through a complete verification process. If a winner refuses then the prize is denied.

Anyone that claims to be said winner but i not is automatically banned from winning future prizes and risks being banned from the awesome80s twitch channel as well as being reported to twitch for possible banning.

A standard release form will be issued to each winner releasing responsibility from Awesome80s and any other company and personnel associated including on air talent.

Winners can not have won anything from Awesome 80s $500 or less the last 30 days or more then $500 the last 90 days. The value is determined by the prize value signed on the release form stating what you have won.

All winners have 5 days from the actual win date to claim a prize. To claim a prize you must contact by email at .

Awesome 80s can cancel winning prize at anytime without winner receiving prize if allotted prize is no longer available.

These rules can be changed without notice at anytime.
Amazon $50 Giveaway Instructions
Hello All,

Below is how we are going to be giving away our weekly amazon giftcard prize.

You need to be a follower and in the chatroom with that name by 10:55pm est no exceptions. A moderator will be confirming that both match. If they do not exist then you are disqualified. The contest will begin once all the qualifiers are confirmed. Which means the contest will not begin directly at 11:00pm eastern standard time.

We will be using Nightbot to administer the contest. You need to be an active user in chat to win. The on air talent announce the total number of qualifiers before the contest begins. One winner per thirty day period. Abuse of the contest by a qualifier will result in the qualifier being banned from all further contests. Awesome 80s staff and on air talent have sole authority to disqualify anyone it chooses.