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Sunday Fun let it begin #INCENT #TGU #Supforce
Fortnite ·English
Hi there i'm the autistic father of three lovely children. So the madness is common here but the gaming experience is like no other and you might hear my children asking you for a cheese burger and fries :P
My wife Msdarkangel Who you will hear in the background is my greatest critic and biggest fan.
I have 5 years of sale experience selling everything from towels and pillows to mortgages and life insurance
Any question about sales tips or financial product feel free to ask me my channel is always open to questions and i like the conversions

Discord Link
It will be clicked at random to donate
Any donations to me above ice cream will be put back into the chest 50/50% split
And chat often as well people

If you wanna join in my pubgm username is Daddyspardan. say hi first


1) No racism or foul play between others and no offensive words
2) No spamming of the chat.
3) No sexism.
4) No unauthorized links in the chat.
5) Don't ask to become a moderator of the channel. They are chosen by myself.
6) Always respect everyone in my community/channel.
7) This is not a FOLLOW 4 FOLLOW channel.
8) Don't ask about the chest

Discord To the BEARDS Bros
This takes place over 3 rounds and it is 1 kill = 1 lemon

Propose a challenge in game,you complete it =1 ice cream


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Im a part of the TGU network, which is a community ran by streamers for streamers, our aim is to help each
other grow in the streaming community.

we are always looking to expand the network so feel free to join.

When you join, just say that you are from DLive so we can put you in the DLive Streamer role.

Discord Link:
Checkout Stream Aid and set me some missions for a laugh :)
Click Every now again to keep me in business lol
Check me out on Social media will add more as i grow