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Hi there My name is daddyspardan
i'm the autistic father of three lovely children. So the madness is common here but the gaming experience is like no other and you might hear my children asking you for a cheese burger and fries :P
My wife MrsBeardBro Who you will hear in the background is my greatest critic and biggest fan.
I have 5 years of sale experience selling everything from towels and pillows to mortgages and life insurance
I also have started Dabbing into the world of Crypto Investments as well, So if anyone needs a hand with Financial Products of the sort then send me a DM

Discord Link
It will be clicked at random to donate
Any donations to me above ice cream will be put back into the chest 50/50% split
And chat often as well people

XboX GT Daddy Spardan


1) No racism or foul play between others and no offensive words
2) No spamming of the chat.
3) No sexism.
4) No unauthorized links in the chat.
5) Don't ask to become a moderator of the channel. They are chosen by myself.
6) Always respect everyone in my community/channel.
7) This is not a FOLLOW 4 FOLLOW channel.
8) Don't ask about the chest
9)do not assume anyones gender or you will get permanently banned

Discord To the BEARDS Bros
Crypto Master (sort of)
So i have become a bit of a Self taught Crypto master, and if you have any questions on the world of the electro money land then send me a message in the chat or a Dm on discord, im always available to chat
This takes place over 3 rounds and it is 1 kill = 1 lemon


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With this any donations that are given. you might elect to contribute towards my fitness regime. However that being said. with lemons i will only do 100 every 30 minutes. if you donate more then this or people do more then 100 lemons then they will not be carried over toward the next 30 minute slot. that being said nijnajet and nijnagini have no limits so donate as much as you want ( and by anything indicated on a nijnajet i mean anything legal by the laws of the country and international laws)

also any donation are alway optional never asked for however another means is directly at
Season 2 Epsiode 4 01/12/2020 COMPLETE