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Hey, it's me Dark. I have been gaming ever since I was a kid. You will see me mostly playing FPS games and a lil bit of FIFA..
Hit me up if you want to immerse yourself into dark magic ^wink wink^

Thanks for any support!!!
1) NO Racial Comments
2)Be positive & helpful to other viewers.
3) Be respectful to moderators.
4) Bully ME.
5) Most importantly, Have FUN
I have a shitty PC and i wont be able to play a lot of games on it.

i5 6th Gen
GTX 960
8GB ram

I also play games on my PlayStation but mostly campaign ones.

If you are ever looking for someone to play with just hit me up.
Will play mostly during the weekends
( 9pm-3am IST)
Donations are not required but much appreciated