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I play games since I was a child and had Commodore 64 with tapes.
I remember mostly playing Bruce Lee, Renegade and Montezuma.

Then I switched to Amiga 600 and soon after to Amiga 1200 in which I expanded hardware. And this is probably my most fondly remembered period of time lasting up to 2002.
Most played games: cannot really say, there where so many but if I had to say something it would be probably Ufo: Enemy Unknown, Superfrog, Dune, Dune II, Cannon Fodder 1 and 2, Wings, and Theme Park.

Then I bought my first PC and continued with it since , although somewhere along the way for few years I also had X360.

Never was the best there is in gaming, and never considered myself hardcore gamer.
I play games because I like to have fun.

Hope you'll enjoy my streams.

Game on.
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1. English only in chat please (It is not my native language either but I chose it for simplicyty of comunication :D)
2. Do not Backseat during blind playthroughs (great explanation on backseat gaming: https://www.reddit.com/r/ENGLISH/comments/8up6db/what_is_backseat_gaming )
3. Do not ask to open chest
4. Do not spam excessive amounts of stickers
5. Do not ask for moderator (but if you want to ask for it there is a bot command :D)
6. Do not self promote
7. Do not ask viewers to follow you
8. Do not insult my viewers
9. Do not promote erotic sites (Duh!)

Be nice to other users and let's all have fun while we're at it :D

If you noticed that my camera or microphone is not working :P please notify me in the chat about such situation :D:D:D

I'm operating on UTC+1 Clock: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/timezone/utc1

So since my schedule is chaotic at best at the moment :P The best thing I can do is drop a public google calendar:

As stated my time zone currently is UTC+1 but Google calendar should take care of translating time zones for you :D
!uptime Displays uptime of the current livestream in the format Hours:Minutes:Seconds.

!streamloots Gives you the coupon code for Streamloots - the interactive cards for streams :D

!discord Gives you discord link

!tableflip Flips
!seriousflip Serious Flip
!settable Unflip
!lurk Puts you into lurk mode
!back Unputs you from lurk mode :D

!intromusic Gives you link to Intro Music
!brbmusic Gives you link to BRB Music
!outromusic Gives you link to Outro Music

!points Migth be usefull in future :D

!mod Ask to be Moderator :D
!rules Ask about rules :D

There also may or may not be some additional hidden bot commands :D
For now will try to incorporate it to the stream slowly :D

There will be some packs dropped throughout stream randomly :D

and in the meantime grab one here :D
♪ Intro music ♪:
♪♪♪B-3 by BoxCat Games

is licensed under CC BY 3.0

♪♪♪Goddess by Sequel Police

is obtained from the Fugue by Icons8 website

♪ BRB music ♪:
♪♪♪Nihilore - We Are Already Dead

is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license

♪ Outro music ♪:
♪♪♪The Name of the Wind by DEg​ITx

is licensed under Creative Commons Licence (Attribution)
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