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100 followers face cam and new office set up.12 hour streams and giveways from sponsers to.

200 followers chat controlled lights.12 hour streams and giveways from sponsers to.
Donations are not expected or required.

If you donate the money goes back in to then as well as life/day expenses as streaming is full time job for me when i am not working on free lance work i am not allowed to stream.

no refunds ask for permission first if your under the age of 18.

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Welcome, Channel is Owned Dark Night Studio LTD

We are a England base indie game development studio build from a group of gamers. The studio is owned by Stefan.

We stream all aspects of game development from designing a game to coding,testing and show the store upload process and as much of behind the stuff we can show with out being told off by valve or discord for showing pages that are not mean't to be shown. Yes will be streaming some games on the site as well.

All content stream here is sponsored by MyGamingCareer
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Why not join are discord come hang out promote yourself if you do youtube or be auto promoted if you stream. Also see updates about games we are working on.

Discord Verified Game Studio
Channel music by trancestation.

Also stream manager there. Click image to check the channel out and add some music you like to while your there.

You can see the other dance mememe on this channel and she called trance girl here and there and way to promote channel i manage and help run.
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Are you a gamer and looking for a community built for gamers and made my gamers and full of amazing people look no further then my gaming career.
If you have any questions feel to join are discord clicking on the link below and just
Trance Station Twitch Edition
Massive supported to the studio and help growing are brand and visibility along with monthly support.
More info coming soon.

About them
Awesome new start up adult game studio working on massive open world 3d erotic game.

We are no longer in partner ship with my gaming career we advise you leave there platfrom and don't dealing with them if you do anything happens we are not reponsable for it.
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Hardstyle by Alice aka. AP Girl
Buy Steam Escape From Earth
You can buy Escape From Earth on discord and help support the games development along with vote on what we add to the game.


Discord: https://discordapp.com/store/skus/480464974104231966/escape-from-earth

Xbox Coming Soon
Nuclear Vikings offers a multi-gaming community that feels just like family. Our reason of coming together is to inspire and unite people using gaming and streaming as a platform for that.

click image to join the Nuclear Vikings discord
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