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The Dragons Stream
For now I am just streaming randomly when i want, but here was the original idea behind my channel:

Hey what is up viewers, I just like to stream what I want, when I want. I am trying to find a good day or two throughout the week and make it a routine stream. A lot of the games I will be play are from console generations 5 and 6, and will only occasionally be 7 and 8. I also want to try and focus on games I have never personally played or missed out on throughout my child hood. but I also want to play games that are nostalgic classics. By the end once I figure out what I am doing and when, I think I am going have 2 regular streams a week. one for a new game, new for me at least, and one for a nostalgic game . the minimum amount of time I would like to stream is 2 hours, and I will probably end up streaming other random games that are not the ones I am working on for the scheduled streams.

I will admit, I am pretty new to this, I am still figuring stuff out with my equipment, and also just my personal presentation and speaking, so give me your criticisms and I will try and correct stuff as I can.

Regular stream times:
Tuesday, 6 PM Est (Trial)
Thursday, 6 PM Est (Trial)

So the deal here is, I would like to try and stream at these times, I want to keep it up for a couple of months before it becomes set in stone. This is a trial, just to see if it works well with my schedule.

IMPORTANT!: Due to my work, there will be LARGE segments of time where I will not be able to stream. I dont expect many people to sub to me, if any at all, but keep that in mind, that at any time I could just poof for half a year. It sucks, but this is not a full time job, its just something I enjoy doing. (It would be awesome if it was full time though :P) And I would feel bad if you guys are subscribed to something that you get nothing out of, If there was a way to pause subscriptions or mass refund them then there would not be a problem.