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1 Lemon=1 dab up-to 300 per stream per person.
5 Ice Creams= I yell PENIS as loud as possible! (5min cooldown)
1 Diamond= 5 Push ups (Must put: !add5, adds together for next hour)
1 NinjaGhini= Picking a stream for the month. (Must be Subbed)
1 Ninjet= Switching current stream to whatever you want (Events Excluded)
-Sub Stickers
-Sub Giveaways
-Access to minecraft realm
-Discord Status
-Zpikers Title
-More Blackjack Money
Use this to pick a stream day or see what i am doing!
22 Years old and married to a beautiful wife. Streamed for 2.5 years on Twitch then moved over to Dlive. I am quite competitive, My favorite games are Fps's and Rpg's. I take pride in trying to respond ASAP to comments so hangout, have a goodtime, and learn how to...HELL YEAH!!!!
BlackJack is a 21 off 1st 2 cards (Ace+any 10)

Doubling Down (DD) doubles your current bet and
only lets you hit 1 card only possible on 1st 2 cards
Cannot double down on 1st hand after reset

Spliting is making 2 of the same cards into
2 seperate hands also doubles your bet

Minimum bets 1$ Maximum bet 10$
If you have 40$ or more max bet is 50% of overall

Subscribers start with 50$ Followers start with 25$

Cannot give chips to other players

Once you leave the table or the stream ends
your money gets reset.
Can leave for up to 30mins if no one is waiting.

If your money runs out and there is no one on the
waiting list you will be reset to your default amount
can also reset if you own less then 5$

Hands equaling 20 or more will auto stay

If you are a follower and want to play just ask!
If table is full you’ll be wait listed for next open slot.
You’ll be added when a player leaves or loses all their funds

DeadZpikes will always take your move he sees 1st
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