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My name's Blake. I'm salty and I'm shit at games!

I started making videos on YouTube in 2011, where I posted vlogs, music covers and skits. I discovered Twitch in 2014, and sporadically streamed. In 2018 I finally began full time streaming, and have been live ever since! I'm currently working full time, but I try to stream 5 nights a week. My goal is to become a streaming partner and do this full time. Being a variety streamer, you can expect quite a mix of content.

Games I actually DO like, and have streamed before include World of Warcraft, Minecraft, Mario Maker 2, Pokemon, Marbles on Stream, GTA5, PUBG & PubgM, Fifa, Dragon Ball Legends, Civ5, and so much more.
No hate speech (racism, homophobia, etc...)

Don't ask for mod, If you're interested in moderating please inquire in my DMs. Otherwise don't do it in chat. This means not only asking, but referring to, insinuating or eluding.

Just don't be a dick. I don't care for excessive swearing, but just remember that we're here to have fun! lets not ruin it for anyone, ya dingus.
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Current Goal
December Japan Trip | $2000 by 23/Dec
In April, I met the most amazing person through streaming, and it's my goal to go to Japan and meet her. We met in person in July here in Australia, and I have never fallen so hard for someone.This is not an expected goal. I would like to give you the opportunity to know that you helped make this happen, especially since we already share our lives with this community.

Thank you to everyone who has been apart of this.