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Hey there! I am Defanged Develon, and I portray the villain from the Bubble Bobble series.

I have a huge love for retro games, and some of the more modern ones. I'm from the UK and also can be a great voice actor. I am also a comedian, and known for very stupid humor.
1. Don't be rude to me, my mods, or anyone else in chat.

2. If I've played the game before, backseating is okay, otherwise no. If I want to do things my way, don't be rude.

3. Racism is an immediate and permanent ban.

4. English only chat. Nur Englisch Chat. Chat solo en Ingles. Chat en Anglais uniquement. Chat solo Inglese. Chat apenas em Inglês. Sadece Ingilizce sohbet. чат только на английском. chatta bara på Engelska. συνομιλία μόνο στα αγγλικά.

5. No links in chat. Unless mods or myself have put them in (or mods have checked YT links) they will be deleted.

6. Do not ask me to sub/follow you in other places. That's not good etiquette if this is your first time and will now be muted.

7. Do NOT ask to open the chest or that is an instant ban. I know what you're up to.

8. While I don't have an issue with you setting up stream, do NOT say you are leaving to go and watch someone else. That is very rude.

9. Do NOT purposely cheat in Among Us, seeing if i'm Impostor or not then saying it's me when I am. It will earn you a swift ban and probably Karma.

10. Following then immediately unfollowing afterwards is now an instant bannable offense.
Sun: Among Us 8pm GMT
Thu: Among Us 8pm GMT
Sat: Stardew Valley 8:30pm GMT

Other random streams include Doom, Terraria, and other retro things.

Unavailable Wednesday due to Kanto_141 doing some Layton.
Q: Your quality isn't great.

A: The amount of times I've had people come in and say this in the past, I already know. We don't have the best internet and I'm not in charge of it, my dad is. Also, thankfully OBS has a variable bit rate otherwise I'd be dropping tons of frames.

Q: Will you be playing PS4 games like Fallout 4, for instance?

A: No. The quality would look really awful.

Q: How many of your streams would be retro streams?

A: About 98%. I could play other games, do music stuff, and show How To's in the other 2%.