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About me
Welcome to my channel, a casual and uncensored gaming streamer and content creator from the UK. Frequently streaming moments as part of my gaming community across a variety of games to deliver uncut and dark humour. Feel free to join, chat and follow me through the ups and downs of whatever awaits in the daily shenanigans that follows.
Streaming Compilations and video edits will be made on my YouTube channel, further content and sketches will be posted here. Feel free to subscribe!
The LSLN Network is a community collaboration of streamers, media makers and creationists within the Libertas Legion. We aim to show off the talents and creations by the individuals involved as well as be an entertainment base for the streaming and viewing community. Get to see all the skills, talents and creations from members of the community as well as view games from different viewpoints and experiences from our guys and gals all over the world.

We produce all our own content and with strong beliefs of freedom of expression and speech all our content is uncut and for 18+ Audiences! Please feel free to click the image to follow us to show support and help our channel grow!
The Libertas Legion or AKA **(LSLN)** is an international and multigaming community exclusive to the PC. Priding itself on its strong humour and its freedom in gaming, this means the community offers a full army behind your back without the regulations and rules which break enjoyment or experiences in games. With a strong social community and active members across multiple games. The Libertas Legion is a well oiled machine rumbling across the gaming world.
Thank you everyone inside our community and out for their support! Donations would help to keep providing and updating content as work and life commitments often get in the way. Please Feel free to make a one off donation and have a call out from me!
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