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Streamer is offline
*Since I'm on DLive, chat checking will be reduced before/after match most likely.

* All the streams are moved into my YT channel

* I check the chat once I'm able to, so be patient. (Due to lack of ppl, I forget to check tbh, also I have 1 monitor)

* Currently gonna stream CSGO/Minecraft/Dota2

* [If I didn't notice you when you were here hence no 2nd monitor and you may have questions or want to talk then just get into my disco server.]( )

* No schedule = follow and get notified

* 720p 60fps 6k+ birtate (my stream doesn't lag, it's you bby <3)

* I'd also like to have community time, to check memes and chat with peeps and have special streams like that.

* Don't worry, be happy.

* I am a citizen from the Multiverse, currently residing on Earth.

* I have a cat.

* I am not a Russian.

* I am an Ancient Being (so you can ask me any type of questions and get answers).

* I am into spirituality (religion is not spirituality)

* I eat and drink a lot~ while streaming, kek.

* I'm brutally honest and I can destroy you. No hard feels tho and no grudges <3.

* Burping a lot and doing weird shizzle.

* Positivity > negativity, I don't spread the canca.

* Best teammate in the Existence.

* My commentary / voice will be your music.

* I am not thick or....

* To contact me OmniLux#8890 In disco.

* [Trading Games]( )

* If you want to join me/us in games, you'll have to go through an interrogation, also mic and talking is mandatory.
1. alfonsocarrdz - 1€ on Patreon
2. ❄mKanapYa❄ - (CSGO Skins)
3. L. Egorov - M4A1-S | Flashback (skin)
4. Anonymous Person - $4 Tip
5. Rudi5501 (CSGO Skins)
6. jasper_streams21 (CSGO Stuff)
7. AUXEVA - 5$, got it because I said we gonna win and I carried it out xD
* No advertising
* Respect others
* Don't swear too much
* No spam
* Don't ask for mod
* Don't ask for free stuff
* Don't troll with me, I tend to be srs :D
* Enough with only russian words in the chat