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About Me
I'm just a weeb from the UK who happens to be a semi-professional ten pin bowler and a professional type 1 diabetic. I'm pretty good at video games too sometimes.

The aim is to create a community of great people here so get involved; chat, chill, hang out and most importantly enjoy yourself :D

My only rules are don't be toxic / overly offensive in chat and no spoilers for the game on stream if you can help it

If there is a problem with the stream e.g audio issues / visual issues please let me know in chat

Streams will take place around 8pm [GMT] where possible throughout the week

The stream also displays over at https://www.twitch.tv/diabetomanliam if you prefer Twitch.
Donating directly to me
If you would like to help me out by sending some extra money my way, you can click the image to donate directly and receive my eternal love in return.

Any donations will be greatly appreciated!

Donations are not mandatory, only donate if you would like to support the stream and have the money to do so.
My YouTube
Click the image above to be taken to my YouTube channel.

I will hopefully be posting highlights and potentially reviews and other fun stuff as well soon.

Streaming is my primary platform so uploads may not end up being overly frequent or consistent but I will try to do my best to get stuff uploaded when I can
Stream timetable
Streams will take place around 8pm GMT where possible throughout the week

Streams can consist of random things I feel like playing at the time, such as indie or roguelike games or a series, including blind playthroughs, challenge runs and sharing with you guys games I love from my past.
Donating to my campaign
In an effort to help people going through the same things i have had to go through, i have worked with JDRF on a couple of occasions to try to raise money. Hopefully I will be able to raise some money here again in order to help them fund their research. Working together we can help make the lives of people with type 1 diabetes easier and hopefully one day eradicate it for good.

If you would like to help me and all the other diabetics out there, click the image above to be taken to my fundraising campaign on Tiltify and we would all be super grateful for any donation no matter how big or small
My Discord
Click the image above to be invited to my personal discord I created for the community here.

Here you will be able to chat to the rest of this community, myself included, post memes or just chill and listen to music