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Whats Up DLivers! My name is John aka iRodela. I'm a gamer Straight Outta Houston, Texas. I am labeled as a variety streamer and whoever labeled me with this title got it exactly right!

WARNING! i do tend to RAGE sometimes. But most of the time im Coolin It.

What is my stream about?
My stream is dedicated to help take us all from what is known as the 'Real World". I want to build a positive, open minded community that just wants to game together. Thats why we are here right? We are all gamers in the end.

❌ No Backseat Gaming unless i ask for help. I love learning games on my own.

❌ No Self-Promoting unless given permission by me or Mods.

❌ Do not beg to play with me unless i ask if anyone wants to join in.

❌ No Harassment of any kind will be tolerated whatsoever! I dont play that shit. I play games.

✔ Enjoy your stay and keep coming back
✔ Meet New Gamers, Make New Friends
✔ Show love and Love will be Returned. I Promise!
Gaming Consoles
◽ Xbox One X w/ 6tb External HDD
◽ Playstation 4 Days of Play 1tb
◽ Nintendo Switch 32gb Neon

◽Ryzen 7 2700 3.2 GHz
◽32GB DDR4
◽NVIDIA GeForce RTX 1060 3GB
◽ 240GB SSD, 2 TB HDD

Streaming Equipment
◽ Elgato HD60 S Capture Device

◽ Logitech c922x Pro Stream Webcam

◽ HyperX Cloud Flight
(Central Standard Time)

Momday 10:30pm - 2am

Tuesday 10:30pm - 2am

Wednesday 10:30pm - 2am

Thursday 10:30pm - 2am

Friday 10:30pm - 2am

Weekend streams are complicated to determine atm lol. Some weekends ill stream for hours, others not at all. I'll figure it out once very soon...
DLive has its own built in way for the viewers to help support streamers. It is called "LINO" and its a pretty awesome system. If you guys want to support my channel the old fashioned way. Donations are active and accepted on this channel. I have a few links below for more info on donating.

Join the 24/7 Community on Discord. I have huge plans with my Discord in the near future.

'Discord Initiative"
◽ Party Chats
◽ Podcast
◽ Game Queues
◽ More Active Community

I'm not a Discord Master whatsoever so any tips, tricks, hacks, and tools are all welcomed and appreciated.
If you dont already know I love fighting games. I plan on implementing my "Fight On!" series very soon. This stream will consist on me playing online ranked matches, viewer sets, Arcade/Story Modes, and discussions about fighting games. here is a list of the fighters i have now.

🤜 Killer Instinct
🤜 Street Fighter 30th Anniversary
🤜 Injustice 2
🤜 Street Fighter 5
🤜 Guilty Gear Xrd 2
🤜 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Legacy
🤜 Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
🤜 Brawhalia
🤜 Mortal Kombat X
🤜 Tekken 7
🤜 Dead or Alive 6

Games i will be getting very soon!
🤜 Samurai Shodown
🤜 Mortal Kombat 11
🤜 Dragonball Fighterz
🤜 Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
🤜 Pokken Tournament DX
🤜 Soul Calibur VI
🤜 Fighter EX Layer
🤜 King of Fighters 14 and 15
Join my Xbox Only Destiny 2 Clan Today!
All who fail to strive beyond the known are lacking in truest meaning...

In this clan we will be thriving to learn, complete, and master everything this game has to offer. Our goal is only complete when we all have everything we want.
Here is a list of activities we the Loot Shooters will seek to complete every week. Keep in mind that all activities can be done together!

- Flashpoints
- Vanguard Strikes Daily and Weekly Challenges
- Nightfalls 100k+
- Vanguard Daily Heroic Story Missions
- Dreaming City Daily and Weekly Bounties
- Blind Well Tier III
- Ascendant Challenges with all Eggs and Skulls found
- Gambit and Gambit Prime Weekly Challenges
- Crucible Daily and Weekly Challenges
- The Reckoning Tier I, II, III (We will all earn the Reckoner Seal)
- Werner 99-40's Weekly Bounties to Upgrade Chalice
- The Menagerie
Loot Shooters are my favorite types of games to play. There is something about how rewarding it feels to grind for certain weapons/gear. I try my best to go after the best loot in the games listed below. I know not all are "Loot Shooters" but they do rely heavily on Looting. Looting is my Jam!

❤ Division 2
🧡 Anthem
💛 Warframe
💚 Destiny 2
💙 Borderlands
💜 Diablo 3
🤎 Sea of Thieves
🖤 Fallout 76
❤ Starlink: Battle for Atlas
🧡 Vigor