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[PC] Frist play through of Grim Dawn... Sea of Thieves with a friend later
My Stream schedule is like this:

Every Weekday from 8:00 A.M to 2:30 P.M ( All Times Are In MST/ MDT Time ( 2 hours behind EST))

However these time are in no way set in stone. There may be times where I will stream earlier and there may be times that I will end stream earlier. Also the start time could be later as this all depends on how early I wake up and can get things going.

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About Me

age: Old (35)
Location: On your Computer.... Somewhere in the United States.
Goal: Be a full time streamer <3

Please sit back and enjoy the stream. I am pretty laid back. However, I get overly hyped about different things... Death's... Kills... Falling to my Doom... Some say that I rage... I say that I'm overly Ragey... All in All I'm a funny guy to watch and will get super goofy and be a dork.

Pixelmon / minecraft Challenge Rules:

1. Can only use pokeballs from bonus chest/ dungeon chest/ boss drops

2. can make one pokeball of choice for each Gym that is defeated.

3. Boss pokemon: Green 10= 1 Yellow=5 Red= 2 Orange = 1 before getting a pokeball of choice

4. After lvl 20 any pokemon that faint gets released.

5. Can not leave area of Gym until defeated.

6 Pokemon can not be the same type Example Ponyta and Growlithe are Fire type but can have Ponyta and Houndhour due to Houndhour being Dark/ Fire

Games you will find on this stream:

League of Legend- This game will be played most of the time

Overwatch- This is a sometimes game... to me it's boring but every once in a while I get the urge to play it.

Rainbow 6 Siege: This game I will play with friends when they are on... note the stream will be on an age restriction due to my friends having no filters.

Y's - This game will be played when I had enough of Legaue last Y's game I played was Origins I plan to finish that game.... just don't know when...

If you have not guess yet I do a lot of game jumping give me a follow so you can jump along with me.

As Always Keep it Real... and Keep on Gaming!