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Doi here 35 years old currently living in Cagayan de oro, Philippines a former farm worker overseas. Have been playing video games since Super Mario in NES. I started streaming this March 2019 in other platform but I stumble into #DLive last July 20ish 2019 and strarted streaming I feel positive about Dlive's program for the streamers even the viewers as well. So awesome!
Thank you for dropping by and have a good one!
Language: English / Filipino
Play Dauntless
Mainly plays Dauntless a free to play PVE, crossplay between XBOX, PC and PS4.
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In game name: doigaming
Current Level 49 slayer


Donations are much appreciated but not necessary. Please click (Paypal logo) or in my ETH / BTC wallet. All proceeds will go to my stream in upgrading my PC.

Text-to-speech enabled 1$ tip and up.


1. Drawing tablet for my wife
2. Logitech C922 pro stream webcam
3. 1080p monitor