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New to streaming but ready to get started. I'll do a bit of everything but mostly just what I enjoy. Hopefully you enjoy it too.

Donations are always welcomed and appreciated but never required.
All donations will result in me doing a food based punishment for your enjoyment. I will have streams on Saturday evenings in which I take all of these foods that collected during each week and devours them with no hesitation.

2 lemons=1 bean boozled bean
1 ice cream= 1 wasabi pea
1 diamond=10 bean boozled beans and 3 wasabi peas
1 ninjaghini=an entire refill pack of bean boozled at once, another refill pack and 10 wasabi peas
A legendary Ninjet= 5 refill packs of bean boozled and 50 wasabi peas

I will also do oreither three bean boozled beans or 3 wasabi peas for each person's first donation on the channel as a bonus to thank them for joining the crew. They can decide which one they'd like.

I choose to do these to help people enjoy the stream that they take part in. I will take the pain for everyone to enjoy feel free to make me suffer. Lol.

Follow me on Discord or Twitter and always feel free to message me and I always look forward to recommendations for future streams.

My Discord: doublej1866 (#1224)
My Twitter: (A Bit Of Anime YT)