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We sometimes go Live more than our set schedule so make sure to follow us on your favorite platform. The audio is a week behind from our live streams so if you want to be Fresh like Dougy you'd be wise to check us out. I will also be streaming video games when I can find the time.
After listening to the Doug Life you'll find yourself asking questions you've never thought of and finding the answers that were once unobtainable. Some episodes will trigger you, some will help you transcend and some may give you the first laugh of the day that we all need. But, every episode will give you a heart to heart conversation. I didn't choose the Doug life. The Doug life chose me.

Philchology episodes will be likely to trigger you. Hear I bring my friend Phil on and we try to find a deeper meaning to life and cut through peoples bullshit. These episodes are a little more serious; maybe crazy is a better word. Conspiracy theories, God, psychological mindsets, politics, morals, aliens, whatever you can dream of and more is talked about in these episodes. Thanks to the one and only Professor Phil.

Industry Night is...well...industry night. I've worked in every type of bar possible and have met thousands of awesome, crazy, drunk and shady people over the years. I'll be hanging out (and drinking) with some of the best (and worst) industry workers in Minnesota. Sharing all of our stories, experiences and wildest nights working

Our Gym Rats episodes are probably the most informative. I'am addicted to working out and so is one of my best friends James Nichols. Here we discuss and share our current phases of workouts and diets. Whats our credibility you ask? Well, I'm 6'2 183lbs and 3% body-fat. My friend Jim was almost 300lbs when he was 36. Hes now 40, down to 220 and in the best shape of his life. So, I think we know more than most of these "personal cheerleaders" you have to pay a butt-load of money for; plus all of our advice is free.

Lan Party is our newest edition. My life was once consumed by video games. World of Warcraft was the first toxic relationship I ever had but damn the sex was good. In these episodes we will be reminiscing on the good'ol days of gaming or discussing the future of it.

**Full Name**: Douglas Christopher Hoffstrom
**Age**: 28
**Height**: 6'2
**Weight**: 190
**Body Fat** : 3%
**Ethnicity**: Hispanic/ Caucasian (Sexy right?)
**Sex**: This question still exists?

**Years in the service industry**: 8+ and counting

**Where do you live?** Minneapolis, Minnesota

**Do you ever stream games?** Yes, but podcasts are my main focus. At the moment I'm to busy to have a steady gaming-stream schedule so you'll have to hit the follow button to know when I'm going live.

**What games do you play?** As of now I just play MTG Arena and plan on streaming classic WoW when it gets released.

**Do you ever get any girls on the podcast?** I try my best, but I usually get stood up.

**What are your tattoos?** Pokemon: Gastly, Haunter, Genger, Mew and Nintails. I also have a WoW tattoo and a full back piece.

**Wow, you're tatted! Did you cry while getting them?** Yes.

**Where in MN do you Bartend?** You'll find this out during our Industry Night episodes.

**Special Power**: Make people believe I was born in any place in the world.

**Professor Phil aka**: Phil Peffer
**Age**: 42
**Sex**: What is that?
**Ethnicity**: German/Norwegian

Valedictorian of De La Salle class of 95.

BS Physics from U of MN "IT" class of 2000

Decade of experience in public accounting.

Service industry: 3+ years and counting

Special Power: psychokinesis and bullshit detection.

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