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What is the best way to live life? An objective question with a subjective answer. My goal is to help you answer the question above.

Overall this podcast is about life. Not just mine or my friends but everyone's. I've been bartending for almost a decade now in Minneapolis and I've met more characters than every fighting game combined. I will be bringing them all in on the podcast to pick at their brain, hear their story and see their perspective.

We do have themed episodes. My good friend Phil runs our #Philchology episodes if you love talking politics, government, God, conspiracy's and becoming woke these episodes are for you.

For people looking to reach a higher level of self realization look for our #Transformation episodes. In this edition my good friend James Nichols and I will talk about what we have to do as individuals to ascend to higher state mentally, physically and spiritually.

Just looking for a laugh? Our #IndustryNight will provide that and more. As I bring in my industry buddy's all over Minnesota and we talk about the people we deal with on a weekly basis.
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I currently don't have a set schedule cause I'm a scatter brain. What I can promise you is we do at least 3 podcasts a week. Usually anywhere between 3-9pm U.S Central. Video game streams usually come late night 9pm-5am for all you night owls come hang out!

I Simulcast on 5 platforms: Twitch, Youtube, Mixer, Dlive & Facebook. Because of this there is usually a 10-15 second delay. So exercise some patience if you ask me something in chat :)

We sometimes go Live more than our set schedule so make sure to follow us on your favorite platform.
Full Name: Douglas Christopher Hoffstrom
Age: 28
Height: 6'2
Weight: 190
Body Fat : 3%
Ethnicity: Hispanic/ Caucasian (Sexy right?)
Sex: This question still exists?

Where do you live? Minneapolis, Minnesota

What games do you stream? Podcasts are my main focus but I stream a variety of games when I have extra time. Right now I'm playing a lot of MTG Arena but also stream Blizzard games, Battle Royales or whatever my friends or viewers want me to play!

Do you ever get any girls on the podcast? I try my best, but I usually get stood up.

What are your tattoos? Pokemon: Gastly, Haunter, Genger, Mew and Nintails. I also have a WoW tattoo and a full back piece.

Wow, you're tatted! Did you cry while getting them? Yes.

Special Power: Make people believe I was born in any place in the world.