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The names Doug im a 25 year old Scottish Content creator/streamer video games are my passion like many others. I hope to inspire and bring joy to those who may need it.

I mainly play Fortnite and Apex but i do play other games on the odd occasion it all really depends what you guys wanna see so let me know in the chat.

I'm a bit of a DC fanboy Love everything to do with Batman and Dc comics...

I have Asperger's syndrome and games are a big escape for me and many others please be patient with me as this is a learning disability after all.

anything else you wanna know just ask in chat. 🐺🏆

ALL >🍋🍦💎🚗🛫s....... FUND MY STREAM & HOME LIFE $$

🎮 Wanna make awesome new friends and stay up to date with my channel?

⚔️ Come hang out in my Discord: and join the wolfpack today :)

🔴 Check out my Youtube videos here:

🐤 tweet tweet follow me twitter for updates on streams!

🍋 Big shoutout to the guys at Dlive and Tidy Labs for making this amazing platform available and helping me grow as a content creator, its also gave me the benefit of taking part in an awesome community so again thank you Dlive and tidy labs.

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✔️ Do not over spam chat this can lead me to missing other viewers comments so please keep it to a minimum and give others a chance.

✔️ No Racism i will straight up ban you! i hate racism!

✔️ No religion i respect we all have our own beliefs but please refrain from talking about it, it keeps the peace!

✔️ Stickers are cool but dont over spam them!

✔️ Always be friendly with others if you cant play nicely i will again ban you or my mods will.

✔️stay safe and have fun we are all here for the same purpose!

✔️ Chests will only be opened after the stream ends or when i choose to open. DO NOT ASK.... you will be insta muted and removed!

✔️ English only in chat