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About Me :)
The names Doug, im a 26 year old Scottish Affilate Dlive Streamer who enjoys a tad to much fortnite lol i do play other games also so please do stick around. Please come hang out in chat and have a laugh i do this for fun so please enjoy the experience. Special mention to BarrotDownUnder without him i wouldnt be here today please give his channel a follow! also big shoutout to my best mate please give his channel a follow Bilbo_bawggins

Rules of the channel:
* Strictly no Politics
* No Racism Or Bigotry
* Always respect other users and Dlives terms of service
* No Spam - this includes bot accounts saying GG or Welcome every 2 mins you will be banned also includes sticker spam!
* No Toxicity in chat - Reason being i have younger relatives who play with me and watch my streams
* No Sexual Stickers - first time you will recieve a warning then a full on ban if you continue

Have fun and stay safe guys its why were all on here
Discord -_-
Come Help me Grow a community :)
* Make Friends
* Find a gaming partner
* memes page
* lvl up system
* Giveaways
* Tournies

and much much more dont miss out!
YouTube xD
Come throw me a sub on Youtube i do stream here and make cringey content here and there :P
Sub to me on Dlive and join the Wolf Nation today for some awesome rewards including:

* no slow mode in chat
* exclusive discord channel access which lets you know when im gonna pop the chest 5 mins before i do it i always open the chest at end of streams or during.
* Sub Role in Discord
* 3 month sub streak - i will add you and play a full day on fortnite with you on stream
Stay up to date with me by following on twitter and help me grow my social media presence it only takes 2 secs to hit that follow button so what ya waiting for :) sooner i get 1k followers the sooner epic will give me a creator code!
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Epic Account!
Add Me On Epic: Dougie1872

Be sure to let me know that you added me and what your name will apear as or i will auto reject friend requests thinking its randoms also if i add you please dont spam me :)
Interactive Commands for stream
All of these Interactive Commands can be used by everyone for fun on stream. Claws are the points system on my channel and are distrabuted every 10 mins 100 claws per user and 1000 claws per subscriber subs get bonus Claws as they help pay the bills! All commands are below with their points cost.

!howl - 200 Claws
!electro - 100 Claws
!superman - 200 Claws
!smaug - 100 Claws
!fart - 50 Claws
!kitty - 100 Claws
!victory - 50 Claws
!totes - 100 Claws
!nevergonna - 350 Claws
!fail - 300 Claws
!simp - 100 Claws
!retard - 100 Claws

Other Commands that arent point related are below again:
!uptime - Everyone
!discord -Everyone
!sub -Everyone
!Enter (for giveaways)- Everyone
!giveaway A Lovely Thing - Mods and Channel Owner