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My name is Damon, or you can use my screen name "Dr. Zaero." I don't have a preference one way or the other really. I'm very laid back and do my best to not get stressed out over the little things that we all make a big fuss over. I'm a very straightforward logical thinker and I enjoy nothing more than improving the daily lives of those around me as best I can.

Thinks to take note of:
1. I only speak English. If you try to communicate with me via any other language, I won't know what you are saying.
2. People asking me to stop what I'm doing to follow them is annoying. If I'm streaming then I'm busy trying to entertain people or play whatever game I'm playing.
3. I'm human and have a life. If I don't stream for a while please be understanding.
4. I like intelligent people. Acting immature or obnoxious won't make me like you.

Some simple rules to follow. The usual common courtesies expected from your fellow people.
1. No harassment or hate speech of any kind toward anyone, including racial, sexist, or homophobic slurs, etc.
2. No random links or spam, or promoting your own or other channels.
3. Be respectful of others.
4. Let's try to keep political and religious discussions elsewhere. We're here for games.