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Welcome to the hypest, most free community on the Seven Seas! Grab your complimentary straw hat, hold on to your Pokeballs and enjoy the ride!

As my name implies, I have dreads and I run. I play competitive online Card Games, RPG's, and every once and a while rant about some anime.

Follow the Rules of the Chat They're Quite Easy:

Don't Be A Jerk
2.Have Fun!
3.Have Fun Not Being a Jerk!
I really hope to bring my favorite communities together into one huge awesome conversation/party/hangout-spot through my channel. I'm a man of many interests as is the world, so let's do this!!
Click on Sobble's cute mug to join the #SobbleGang Discord and be apart of the community!

Also all Sobble Gang members are entered into my 24 hour Sword/Shield giveaway stream on November 14, 2019!
I would love to make this my full-time job and bring you guys amazing content more consistently and just meet more of YOU the SobbleGang Nation! All tips are greatly appreciated but aren't needed. I'm here for all of you!
Hit the linked panel above if you want to stay up-to-date on all my new streams, future YouTube videos, memes and anything else your poor heart can take!
Hideo Kojima has done it again! After many extensive traillers and a much awaited gameplay drop we have a release date!

This game WILL be GOTY mark my words! This game is going to change how we think about story-telling in this industry! Prepare for a masterpiece and share it all with me during a FULL 24 hour stream on DAY 1, HOUR 1! November 8th, 2019!!
I'm a Pokemon fanatic at heart who has been out of the game for far too long!

Prepare for my 24-hour stream leading up to the release of Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield! There will be awesome giveaways and the last hour countdown will include a Pokemon Rave Party!

See you November 14th!!!
cough Sobble Gang cough