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A worthless expression of intelligence.
Thought Pornographer, Gamer & much more...

"Curiosity goes you far, here. Patience gets you the rest of the way. When you get there; the real work/fun begins."

"The Intelligent ask questions, (progress).
The simpleminded debate over opinions, (distraction).
The fanatics give you an ultimatum or put a gun in your face, (war)." FortuneCookiePhilosophy@Minds.com

Twitch: MetaphysicalAxiom for better stream quality.
GamerTag: IronCurtnMouth
Steam: DrBrainTickler
EpicGAMES: LogicianMagician
EA/Origins: DrBrainTickler
Misc stream: Gaming, (currently, Destiny 2, Forza Horizon 4, NFS Heat, Geometry War 3 Dimensions 3D, Civ 6.) Guitar, IRL, Podcasting, advice, chatting and whatever else we feel like).

I am different than what you are used to. I have no schedule but play most days.

Minds Channel: https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=LogicianMagician
Minds Channel for Gaming: https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=GamerPorn
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzE0IKFHU7BfXCUkvPkbCeg?view_as=subscriber

#TheLogicianMagician #DrBrainTickler #AdamBeatty #MetaphysicalAxiom #IronCurtnMouth

Here's my Psychology/Super Nerd Channel: (DrBrainTickler) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgYS5hso2hsn-jM6f0IY3PQFxahNjDa7N
Minds Channel: https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=MetaphysicalAxiom
TWITCH: twitch.tv/drbraintickler
Want in the Discord?
Chill, intelligent, mature, patient lifeforms with clean mics are welcome in my voice chat. (use discord & test the mic yourself in the voice settings, (make noises and see if your mic pics them up)

That is called hot mic, err unclean mic; fix it if you can & make that part of your prep before you burden everyone else with redundancy over 9000). #cardioid NOTE: most smart phones work better than headsets as long as you have a man cave & are not typing constantly.
Current Favs on Steam
Xbox1 games I play or recommend:
Forza Horizon 4, Steep, DOOM 2016, & meh other stuff I add when I feel like it.

EpicGamesLauncher: Magic Arena, & meh, more to come as I get them for free; you should also.
Support Intelligence instead of the status quo? meh; as if.
Intelligence or anything different has no value to lizard brained priorities with goal orientation towards mindless path of least resistance efficiency. Just go invest in the same old shit, ok? meh, shrug. #fuckmylife XD
Like Bear Grylls, nothing is wasted!
When life gives you lemons? (We focus resources to enable gamers to think thank the world's problems into oblivion!)
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Total Follower 4,000-5,000 estimate count across all platforms & all projects.
4,000-5,000? shrug? That is across 6-8 misc projects. It's likely the number is high than whatever is listed here. Whatever that means? Where are any of them now? heh heh.
No more redundant nightmare fuel in the form of pissing on my intelligence in anyway. Learn to ask productive questions please.

Stupidity and ignorance have no voice here.

This is an echo chamber of logic and intelligence.

The entire world is an echo chamber for the nonsensical irrational ideals of the majority already; so go back there if you are an intellectually dishonest cowardly conformist.

The majority have already drowned out intelligence from decision making for our world, so much so that they have repressed it's influence & from the shadows it creeps in the when it can, rarely & in fractured trivial ways.

Here intelligence takes the highest priority & if we are not going to respect the brilliant then we will just resort to potty humor.

Insanely ignorant arguments will get you banned, if for no other reason than for the sake of efficiency but more so as a matter of responsibility so we limit the spread of hate trends, irrational idealism & status quo driven "opinions" of which all equate to thought viruses; not "free thinking" or being "woke".

Define opinion? What value does that really have? Have you ever learned about logical fallacy or cognitive bias? No? Well then, you are a blindfolded child running with scissors and you have not even begun to think.

I can help you to be free of your ignorant delusions of which are birthed from your insecurities & archaic lies, fortified & expressed in the form of presumptuous, overconfident narcissistic displays of the same old redundant erroneous opinions, if you can be an adult and face your ignorance.

Next stop; having your existential crisis with some dignity & actually growing up from a universal perspective.