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Having problems watching on Dlive or just wanna watch me on another platform?
No problem, you can watch this stream by clicking one of these other links down below:
@ https://www.twitch.tv/drcaptain
@ https://entropystream.live/app/DrCaptain
Chat Rules
Be Chill - I like a good spicy dank meme and good ol fashion $h**posting here and there as well but this isn't really the place to post that stuff so I ask you try to not post that in the stream chatrooms(Save that Entropy/Discord ;P)
English only please - It's what I speak and I don't wanna feel bad about possibly ignoring you just cause I don't understand you ^^;
No Backseat gaming - I don't mind help, just don't be a nag about it ;P
Don't Spam - No Links, excessive copy/pasta or spoiling
No Drama.