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Hi! My name is Thorsten, and I hail from the lovely overcast country of Denmark. Though my alias is "DragonKing", you can call me "Dragon" - if you like.

I have a master in Medialogy, with specialization in games, which basically means that I know how to make video games, and anything else media related (to a certain degree). I would love to eventually become a full time game developer, but so far, I havn't had any luck, so I decided to put my knowledge to good use in other ways, by sharing what I know through streaming, and (hopefully) make entertaining content for you!

Apart from gaming, I also have a myriad of other hobbies, such as game development (duh), miniature painting, Dungeons & Dragons, and messing around with technology and such. I also used to do (and arrange) LARP'ing, as well as a bit of cosplay in the past.
I want to share some memorable moments by streaming both new and, to me, well known games. Naturally, I also want to improve the quality of my streams, in both content and on a technical side, in order to make said moment even better.

In conjunction with streaming, I am also expanding the Dragon Claw Community, a community where people can hang out and have a good time together. In that way, I also would love to hang out and get to know you lovely people!
This is a mature stream, but what does it mean?

Use common sense. Foul language and banter in chat is fine, but don't turn it into harrasment, and keep it civil.

If you want to talk about a subject, be it political, religious or whatever, you can - as long as it is sincere, and not with the intent to hurt someone.

We all have our own points of view, and I am all for freedom of speech.

If needed, I will make executive decisions, which I urge you to respect.
The Dragon Claw Community Discord ( https://bit.ly/DCCdiscord ) is open to anyone. It is a place to share funny stuff, and hang out with the community. We also run community server(s) over here, so come check it out!
Missed a stream? is the VOD on Twitch long gone? don't fret! I archive my streams on Youtube ( https://bit.ly/DCCyoutubec )!
I play a lot of games, so check out my Steam profile ( https://bit.ly/SteamDragonKing ) for which ones I play or have played. I have also released a bit of workshop content, and created some mod collections that I might be playing on stream.
Check out the Rimworld Toolkit Store ( https://totrider.github.io/dragons-itemlist/ )

While watching during Rimworld sessions, you gain coins that you can spend on a whole slew of items and events, heck even buy a colonist.
Did you know I am also a game developer? I am currently working on a game called MonsterStone: Prelude, which you can play a demo off on itch.io here: MonsterStone: Prelude demo ( https://bit.ly/MonsterStone ).

I am also conducting a survey ( https://forms.gle/Aur9TdBVuKqkYmnx7 ), which you can consider filling out if you want to help, I would really appreciate it!
I have a Patreon ( https://bit.ly/DCCpatreon ) if you think I deserve your support. If you would like to see more options with specific rewards, let me know.

Alternatively, you can also tip me directly through the streamelements ( https://streamelements.com/dragonking2504/tip ).
For professional inquiries, you can contact me through Linkedin ( https://bit.ly/linkedinDK2504 ), or send me a PM through either Twitch or Discord.
+ i7-9700K CPU
+ NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070
+ 32GB RAM
+ Logitech G510
+ Logitech G502
+ HyperX Solocast
Thanks to the following artist for being awesome and making great music.

+ Alestorm
+ At Vance
+ Avantasia
+ Beast In Black
+ Crystal Eyes
+ Dethklok
+ DragonForce
+ Dreamtale
+ Electric Six
+ Ensiferum
+ FamilyJules7x
+ Gamma Ray
+ Gloryhammer
+ Hammerfall
+ Iron Fire
+ Kamelot
+ Nekrogoblikon
+ Pathfinder
+ Rhapsody of Fire
+ Steel Panther
+ Seventh Wonder
+ Sonata Arctica
+ Unleash The Archers
+ Wind Rose

+ More to come :)
These are the games that have been played on stream:

7 Days to Die
BFME (complete)
BFME II (complete)
BFME II ROTW (complete)
Clone Hero
Core Keeper
Dyson Sphere Program
Fallout NV
Genshin Impact
Grim Dawn
Horizon: Zero Dawn
Medievil (complete)
Rise to Ruins
Webbed (complete)
I am partnerede with humble bundle, which means you can follow my partner link ( https://www.humblebundle.com/?partner=dragonking2504 ) and decide how much of your purchase will go towards supporting me.