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Hi, I'm Kittens! Or you can call me Kat.

I will stream when I feel like it, but I am mostly doing this for my friends. :)

Follow me on Twitter to see any updates or progress on doodles. Username is the same.

Join my discord for future stream updates and other things! https://discord.gg/BQNjRKQ

Stream Rules:
1. Please be respectful in the chat at all times. If you can't seem to do that, either a mod or I will take care of you.
2. I'm sorry if I miss your response if my mic is on. I'm making sure to keep an eye out on it. If you don't hear my response automatically, please give the stream some time to catch up to that point.

Art Freebie Rules:
1. Do not post your request in my stream chat. Use the request channel in discord or on Gaia (or whatever site I'm using).
2. Commissions/Art Trades come first before requests. If I am working on a commission/art trade, I will try to finish it. If anything, I will be taking breaks between each phase of my commission to do freebies.
3. Please be active in the stream chat to be considered for a freebie.
4. I will be picky on what I draw for free, so please take that into consideration.
5. Please do not expect anything fancy, I will simplify things if I need to. Don't expect things to be animated or colored in.
6. SAY THANK YOU!!! If I give you something for free, please say thank you! I don't care if it is in general, in the thread on Gaia, or in the stream chat. If you don't say thank you, you will not be considered for the next round.
7. Please read my Do's and Don'ts
I will do: OCs > Avatars, Males = Females, Simple designs
I will not do: Written descriptions, Monochrome/Light/Dark colored characters or avatars, NSFW (personal practice only), Weapons (I suck at them), or Animals (I suck at them)