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About me:
Hello!!! I am Lauren/Dr.FuryDash/Hestia king, a 30 yr old veterinarian (crying inside). Gaming is my outlet, and I figured I would give you guys the honor of watching me play whatever I am feeling like.

Currently in the queue is Final Fantasy 14, of which I do play quite a bit of. Currently grinding my alt character out so I can raid on a different server in FFXIV when the expac comes out. Xenosaga, Bayonetta, Skyrim, BO4, and Spyro are in process...so many games, so little time!

Feel free to stop in and say hi! You will probably see my boyfriend pop in behind me, as well as our three cats and dog stopping by to say hi and probably wreck havoc-so apologies if I yell at them!

Please just have fun! Cannot wait to meet you all.

Chat rules:
1. Be polite
2. Respect the mods
3. No political or religious chat
4. Keep the drama for your momma
5. No racism
6. Respect Dr. Dash (I know I suck at most games, I dont need you to tell me as well!)
7. Dont be a douche-or it will probably result in a ban
8. Veterinary questions can be asked no worries! Just keep the conversation to just that-a conversation, no arguments.
9. Always have fun

Monday 8pm-1030pm EST
Tuesday 8pm-1030pm EST
Wednesday 8pm-1030pm EST
Thursday 7pm-10pm EST
Friday TBA
Saturday 130pm-3pm EST and/or 7pm-11pm EST
Sunday TBA

Social media:
Instagram dr.furydash
Discord https://discord.gg/HUPbXz