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About me
Hi everyone. A little bit about me.

I'm Lee, a 37 year old gamer, author, avid 4x4 nut, and 3D printing entrepreneur, hailing from Michigan's Upper Peninsula aka a "Yooper". Why am I doing this? Well, I was in a car accident back in 2004. My neck was broken and lower back fractured. I should have died as the doctors told me. I spent 4 months in a HALO and still have the scars where the bolts screwed into my head. I have head trauma due to the roof crushing down on my head. This left me with chronic pain aka Fibromyalgia, it hurts to wear clothes. Osteoarthritis in my right ankle along with arthritis in my right hip and entire spine. I have degenerative disc disease, collapsing disks and fusing of my bottom three to my tailbone. My motor control ability is shot, (why my reaction time can suck at times), my memory is not as sharp as it used to be. Toby Keith's song "I ain't as good as I once was." has kind of been my theme song… lol.
The injuries left me to unable to do many of the things I was decent/good at, which brings me here. I still love gaming, and this is the one place where you can be accepted, no matter what ails you. So, here I am working to turn this into a career. What better job to have than doing something you love, right?

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page! I hope this helps you have a better understanding of me, why my streams may not always be quite as fluid as others, and why I might stutter and struggle to get through a thought one day and other days, I’m able to breeze through everything. I try to make my streams humorous and upbeat, but it is not always easy to do.

Feel free to say hi anytime! I love to chat!

The Drunk3n Squirr3l
My book
What if the Geneva Protocol of 1925, prohibiting the use of Biological and Chemical weapons, never happened? What if, instead, research and deployment of those weapons flourished? The horrors that could be unleashed upon the unsuspecting world by unscrupulous men and their dark machinations.

Not bound by such restrictions, the Chemical and Biological Special Weapons Division of the United States Army, in 1935, created a toxin so horrific it was deemed "too inhumane to deploy" and was shut down. What made this weapon so terrifying wasn't the painful death it caused its victims, but from what became of the victims afterwards. What was once slated to be abandoned and destroyed, was stolen, those who worked on it, kidnapped or killed. Death is not an escape for its victims, it is only the beginning.

1941, Germany is advancing unchallenged throughout Europe, armed with advanced and terrifying weaponry decades beyond its enemies. A successful assassination has crippled the US military; alliances are being forged, pacts made in blood and lines being drawn.

U.S. Army Captain, Henry Wilson and British SIS Agent codenamed Valkyrie are working together to prevent high-ranking traitors from within the White House and United States military from helping a secret organization set on world domination. By providing allied countries such as Germany the tools to win the wars for them, the organization can pull the strings from the shadows. Facing a ticking time-bomb, Captain Wilson and his allies are racing to create a counter before their suspects unleash the full potential of the deadly and horrifying chemical weapon upon the world. Unable to know for certain who is an ally or an enemy sympathizer, they must take their chances. Informing potential allies of the fast-approaching crisis or tipping their hand to the potential enemy. Plans have been set into motion that will forever change the survivors of humanity.
My schedule:
Tuesday 5pm-10pm CST
Thursday 5ish pm - 10pm CST
Sat/Sun 1pm-10pm CST
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