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About Me (image links to my facebook)
Hi, my name is Dustin Metzger, I started playing pool when I was 8 years old my father would take me to Shooter’s Bar and Grill located in Wichita, Kansas. My fargo rating is 599 and in all leagues I play at the highest skill level available. Please take a look at my schedule to see when I am live. I play at least 5 days a week. During my tournament and leagues matches I am quiet out of respect for my opponent. During practice alone I usually commentate my thought process of my shots. Playing with friends we just have a good fun time.
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All donations go to further improving the stream, entries to tournaments, and pool equipment. Oh and QUARTERS for coin-op tables.
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Amazon Wish List for Stream Upgrades
[Stream Upgrades]( https://www.amazon.com/hz/wishlist/ls/S627N0T5BZQX?ref_=wl_share )
Upgrades - First person view of shots picture in picture. Bluetooth clip on mic(bought). Heart rate, Blood pressure, and pedometer overlay. Car Dash Mount. Laptop to edit stream while live.

[Link to Cue MD]( http://www.cue-md.com/ ) - A device that attaches to your cue and provides analysis and metrics of your stroke.
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[Pool Family Discord]( https://discord.gg/28Z8wz5 )
Stream Start Times CST (Subject to change)
I try to stream 5-6 days a week and will be live by these times may start sooner or later depending on the day.

Monday 6 PM
Tuesday 6 PM
Wednesday 6 PM
Thursday 6 PM
Friday 2 PM
Saturday 2 PM
Sunday 2 PM
[My Facebook]( https://www.facebook.com/dustin.l.metzger )

[Wichita Pool Players Facebook]( https://www.facebook.com/groups/1418491745107753/ )

Training Material
[Dr. Dave Billiards]( https://billiards.colostate.edu/ )
[Tor Lowry]( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzjousgGLjU )

[FargoRate Information]( https://www.fargorate.com/#faq )