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My name is Edgeborne. Friends call me Zell which is short for my actual name: Zelliaind. Yes, that's my actual name.

I'm a transplant from Twitch because I got tired of their shit. Their poor handling of the DMCA crap plus other things finally pushed me over the edge to leave...so now I'm here.

I'm an IT guy, Film Photographer, and Gamer with some interest in learning how to work on cars. Really that's all there is to me.

I have a girlfriend that streams as well over on Twitch (TGMousie) who probably wonders at times whether or not I've completely cracked and lost my mind. Also, I have two Golden Retriever pups that I love more than life itself...and a cat that never shuts up.

I'm an opinionated asshole who drinks too much that just wants to have fun in life instead of being a slave to the system fixing computers all day at his day job. I'm looking to make streaming a way for me to break away from that hell, so if you're willing to help me out with that, then you rock. If not...well at least you can make fun of me as I suck at almost every video game ever created.
I'm a fairly eclectic gamer. I play mostly MMO's (WoW and FFXIV) but have been known to play Strategy, 4x, ARPG's, as well.

I'm a pretty poor player at most of those games too. I generally try to play them my own way which rarely lines up with the games "meta" play style but I don't care. I play these games to have fun. I don't always play them to be the best. Sometimes that results in hilarity when I get merced by some mechanic of the game I could have easily beaten because I'm playing the game my own way but...whatever. The important thing is I had fun along the way and that's the only metric I measure playing games by.

So feel free to scream into the abyss when I'm not playing a game the right way...and I'll keep doing it while making fun of you instead.
I run a gaming community Discord as well as my streaming Discord. I'm rarely on either but if you want to join, just ask me in chat. I generally only give this out to people when they ask for it to avoid bottom feeders and general idiots which are rampaging over this planet like a fucking plague.

If I like you enough, I'll send the link your way.