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I love IRL streaming!! It's pretty much the main reason I stream! I've vlogged my life for almost the past decade with all my journeys and the fact that I now have a way to take all of you guys on these adventures means i'm truly in my element! It's so hard to sum up what my irls are but basically its an invitation to share in my life and live it with my friends!
My community is amazing! Hands down there is no better way to say it, they mean the world to me! We are always there for each other when times are tough and we support each other through anything. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH! You are more then welcome to join us and continue to help develop what we have built together. Come feel the love and positivity! These guys have become my family. They make me who I am and help me consistently improve myself and the stream! I love you guys <3
My desktop streams cover Ps4 Xbox and Steam.
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