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Hello my name is Nathin. i am 32 years young and i am an Aquarius. i grew up in a huge tourist town lake Geneva WI. I enjoy playing most anything i grew up to super mario bros. on the NES. . I PLAYED ALOT OF MARIO!. then it was the sega genesis.. mostly mortal combat and sonic the hedgehog .. and yes some lion king. anyone who is my age remembers the grind you needed to complete that game. im crazy good at games from the past like tetris or Dr Mario. puzzles are my thing. but as games progressed into more graphics and into role playing weather it be your a guy stealing cars and getting stars (GTA) or killing Zombies (left 4) (COD) i did the same.. but i still from time to time go revert back to my old ways and play my favorite game "Tibia" and always need a little "Zelda" in my life. i still have all the classic consoles and alot of the gamesto go with them. i am currently getting my studio ready for the next step in streaming.

WOULD like TO know MORE? ask away :)
I wont always be playing the same game. if you would like to see games drop that name in the comments and ask when its gonna be live and i will make it happen. ill edit this panel on dates that your interests will go live as well as make a list of all games suggested without the release date. remember i go back to Atari. so pretty much any game.. sorry you must exclude any dreamcast game as the console itself is... well... not-a-vedy-good
This will be hard to do as my work schedule is awry so if you can bear with me I will explain things the best I can. work goes Monday Tuesday Friday Saturday Sunday then the next week is Wednesday Thursday.

the days i have off the night before i start my stream around 830 Central witch is Wisconsin time. so.

WOW my work schedule messes even me up lol
do to others witch you would like d one to you.. allways pay it forward and you see someone struggling pick them up a smile goes a long way so please keep my channel positive with good vibes and helpful hands thanks!