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About me :)
Hey, I am Els(warrior)! :).
I am a computer science student, like Anime, read Manga from time to time, listen to all sorts of music and play games like Cyberpunk 2077, Hyperscape, Genshin Impact and Rocket League in my free time.
You can find more videos on my YouTube channel!
You can find more videos on my YouTube channel!
I will put edited content from my livestreams on YouTube!

I don't like talking about rules and I want to build a positive minded community. But for that to happen we need some rules.:

1. Respect each other. Imagine that the person you are talking to is near you IRL. You probably would not do the same in real life. Therefore, chill and enjoy your time.
2. Advertisements are forbidden.
3. Write in English. We want to understand eachother, right? Our lives can be painful enough in trying times like the pandemic phase, do not make it harder :)
4. Spam is forbidden. Like c'mon watchu doing over there? <insert Stop it, get some help meme here>
5. With all that being said, if you are willing to accept these rules, I welcome you to our community! :)