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Hey guys my name is Sid

��【Top 3 ETV Contributors of all Time】��

Here are the Mods who keep an eye on the chat, nothing can get through them -

⚫ NO spamming
⚫ NO self-promoting
⚫ NO bullying
⚫ NO racial comments
⚫ NO FOLLOW FOR FOLLOW here to make a community and be part of a great community
⚫ DONT ask to open the CHEST - You Get Muted if so.
Be kind to viewers, mods and ourselves, we'll be kind back �� respect is everything. we want to be treated the way you would want to be treated by others...
��【Want to Support my streaming career?】��
⚫ Simply by donating LINO to my stream!

⚫ Ninjet = 120 USD
⚫ Ninjaghini = 12 USD
⚫ Diamond = 1.2 USD
⚫ Ice Cream =12 Cent
⚫ Lemon =1.2 Cent

��【Don't want to buy Lino's】��
⚫Donate in your currency via PayPal - https://streamlabs.com/encryptictv1/tip
⚫Processor: Ryzen 3700x
⚫SSD: Samsung 860 EVO Series 250GB M.2
⚫HDD: 4 TB
⚫RAM: 16 Gb 3600mhz
⚫PSU: 750W Cooler master bronze
⚫Monitor: LG 24MK600M (Dual Monitor Setup)
⚫Internet Speed: 50 Mbps Up & Down
⚫Headset: SONY MDRXB450
⚫Microphone: Snowball ICE Blue
⚫Mouse: Logitech G102
⚫Keyboard: Reddragon K503
Join my discord to hangout with the ETV FAM during non-streaming hours.
Make sure to check out the perks section in discord to know more about subscriber and mod perks.
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