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Hello everyone, I hope all is well. Welcome to my page! It's been a year here on this AMAZING site. And I'm enjoying ALL of my wonderful Friends and followers.
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Ace Spade: DHG_Amazeee - donated 2 Ninjaghini

Ace: RatherAverage - donated 1 Ninjaghini

Spades: SaintChonker - donated 6 diamonds

01: Console_Nation - donated 30 lemon
02: Daddyspardan - donated 20 lemon
03: mk11 - donated 20 lemon
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05: Willoughbeast - donated 10 lemon
06: Console_Nation - donated 3 ice cream
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About Me!
I'm a kind hearted, free loving, Very understanding, caring woman. I love to help others when I can. And I love to make people smile. I started playing World of Warcraft on my birthday. Feb. 07, 2007. And I still play to this day. Though I had to step away from the game four years ago, for about a year. Due to the passing of my Grandmother and then, 5 months latter my Dad. Both to cancer. Both were a huge part of my life.

Moving on... I'm a mother of three disable young men. Ages 21, 25, And 35. My kids are my life. Sometimes I may have to step away from my stream to check on them. Most times they come check up on me.

Anyway... I've started streaming on YouTube about three year ago. And on Twitch two years ago and here on Dlive a year ago. Games I love playing is as follows;

: Apex
: World of Warcraft
: World Of Warcraft Classic
: OSU!
: Dauntless
: Aion
: Tera
: And So Many More!!!!!
Though I love playing these games. I will never say I'm the best at it. Hell I even laugh at myself when I die. I know some of you may ask, So why do you play? The answer is simple. I love having fun. No matter if I die. I've learned along time ago, never take a game to seriously. You will lose out on the fun things around you.

If you would love to chat with me, Please feel free to do so. Also IF you would like to join me on my discord the link is down below...

Merch; https://streamlabs.com/enigmada_/#/merch
If you would like to Donate to me via PayPal, You can here. Please NOTE: You do not have to tip / Donate me with RL money. But of course all Donations is more then appreciated.
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3: RatherAverage - https://dlive.tv/RatherAverage

4: Daddyspardan - https://dlive.tv/Daddyspardan

5: Kevjrobbo - https://dlive.tv/Kevjrobbo
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01: Console_Nation
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06: Kevjrobbo
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Q: Where are you from?

A: The States :) USA

Q: How old are you?

A: 45

Q: What Are you?

A: I'm a woman.

Q: Can we talk one on one?

A: Sure! Just as long as it's Respectful.

Q: Do you face time?

A: Sometimes! With family and friends.

Q: Do you like Spam and or links?

A: Sorry, I don't like spam or links.

Q: Can we chill together and talk

A: Sure.
Here is where I stream as well :)
Please respect all whom are within.