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Welcome to the EpicFail Legion. We are a collection of VERY average gamers, but provide fantastic entertainment, usually resulting in our virtual demise and failures. We currently stream two nights every week, and will soon be expanding on that. Keep reading to learn a bit more about the individual failures that will grace your presence.

Main Cast:
Randy Fitzsimmons - Probably the most "level-headed" of the Legion. But working with a short fuse on a regular basis, "Red Randy" overrides logic and most situations are dealt with in one manner: more bullets.

Bob Bobson - Bob is an answer and idea guy! They are never good, but he's got them. First one in and first to die. Bob doesn't set trends; he blows them up!

Allan Greene - The procrastinator of the group, Allan is usually the last one to show up to a firefight. But he also tends to arrive with flair! Whether it be explosions, bullets, harsh language, or his own untimely death, Allan always makes a splash…or splat.

Check out our YouTube channel for additional fails! youtube.com/channel/UCqYqV8ussKStO_lOPAmvwew

Join our discord to keep the conversation going after stream hours!

Also, look for chatter and news on our facebook and twitter. We'd love to hear from you. Whether it's a tweet, fb post, or giving us a hard time in the stream chat, we live to serve. And by serve, we mean provide as many epic fails for your personal enjoyment and entertainment!