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Epic Sim Racing ( Official Channel on DLive )
Little Bit about me My name is Chris, I am from Latvia.

Currently I'm racing on a Console platform Xbox One.

I have an Full DIY Made Metal Cockpit with G920 Setup, I It has the Wheel, Shifter, Self Made 50cm Handbrake on springs works really good, then i got an self made adapter for a Drift Wheel 350mm OMP Wheel.

I Sit on A BMW M Series Sport Seat.

its very comfortable for long hour races.

I mostly play the following games for you to be entertained with.:

1.) (Mostly Played)- ACC, Assetto Corsa Competizione.
2.) AC, Assetto Corsa.
3.) Dirt Rally 2.0
4.) Forza 7 - ( Drift Mostly )
5.) FH4 - Forza Horizon 4 ( mostly Drift too. )
6.) And The Crew 2, just love the wast exploration in this one.

If You would like to participate in helping me out to upgrade my gear and become close friends by supporting my Life Long Dream Of becoming a content creator for living on Youtube, Twitch, And DLive, Read the massage bellow and if you have a spear change to donate you can do that on this platform or on my gogetfunding page where i have added the link in description below for you guys to check out. :)

This Channel is built around my Life Long Passion for sim-racing .

Additional Note: I have created a GoGetFunding Campaign in witch I am Trying to Raise money for my " Life Long Dream Project " to become a professional Sim-Racer in Simulation Racing Industry And YouTube Content Creator.

I want to share my story with you from the start to the finish.

My mission is to raise Funds for the project to become a reality and currently i am looking for people to contribute to my project and help me raise the necessary funds, i will Record my whole journey here on YouTube for you to see how it begun and how far i have come.

For you to be a part of the Cause, you can visit the link provided below and if you have a spare change become part of the family and help me fulfil my life long dream of having my dream setup for me to begin my journey here on YouTube as an Content Creator And Streamer On Daily Bases. :)

Contribute to my Campaign below. :)


Thank You So Much ! :)
Any Donations even 1 $ or Euro goes a long way and helps me out a Lot in order for me to get there one day. :)

I'm looking forwards to doing the live streams here on DLive this is a new platform for me, would love to build a friendly community of likeminded people around me to participate in my journey :)